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Event discovery network IRL raises $16M Series B after refocusing on virtual events

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the way a number of companies have had to do business. For the event discovery startup, IRL, it meant pivoting into the virtual events space. This April, the startup quickly reacted to government lockdowns and restrictions on in-person gatherings to focus on helping people find their online counterparts and other virtual events, like live-streamed concerts, Zoom parties, esports tournaments and more. Today, those efforts are paying off as IRL announces $16 million in Series B funding and the expansion of its social calendaring app to colleges. Click here to read the full article. Click here to learn more about RigUp.

Bolt Secures $50M in Series C Funding To Unveil Checkout Experience Platform

A big challenge retailers face is getting online shoppers to complete a transaction once they’ve initiated the checkout process. Unfortunately, nearly 70 percent of the time, they don’t. Shopping cart abandonment reasons are plentiful—there are over a dozen—and it’s getting expensive for retailers to figure out how to capture every customer, Ryan Breslow, founder and CEO of Bolt told me in an interview. Thursday, San Francisco-based Bolt unveiled what Breslow says is the world’s first checkout experience platform, powered by a $50 million Series C round of funding led by WestCap’s Laurence Tosi. Bolt, founded in 2014, gives retailers and consumers more choice, control and flexibility over th

RigUp Raises $300M To Continue Building The Next Generation Of The Energy Workforce

When evaluating sectors where job growth will be significant in the coming years, few beat oil and gas. Specifically, according to estimates by IHS markets, the oil and gas sectors will create over 2 million jobs over the next 17 years. And as the gig economy becomes an increasingly promising route for Americans workers, it is becoming impossible to ignore the prospect of providing segues for these workers to get involved in roles in the energy space, which relies heavily on highly-skilled independent contracts to complete fieldwork. Austin-based startup, RigUp, has seen this vision through since its founding in 2014. Since inception, the company has raised over $450 million for its platform

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